Here at Bogart Construction we have always strived to provide our customers with the best value for their dollar. Bogart has always used the latest materials, techniques and the most experienced workforce available. While all this has greatly increased the value to the customer, we always thought we could do more.

Over the past few years, Bogart has been exposed to the LEAN Construction methodology and has begun to see positive results. With LEAN Construction tools, we have been able to see the areas we can improve on when delivering a project to our customer.

How we utilize LEAN:

  • At “Last Planner Meeting”, we can get all the parties together before construction starts and lay out the schedule for the project. This allows all the trade partners to discuss their needs and understand the needs of other trade partners. It allows the trade partners to have a say in the schedule therefore getting a more committed partner and desire to maintain the schedule.
  • On many projects, we use a “Split Point” to manage deliveries. If material can be readied for install prior to it being delivered to the site this makes the install faster and keeps the jobsite less congested. This “Split Point” is a combination of warehouse and assembly facility. We often build fixtures, cash wraps and lighting assemblies here. This work is then delivered to the site and installed as needed. This “just-in-time” delivery reduces wait time but also eliminates having to move and work around these items on the jobsite. The goal is that if it is not being used or installed that day of week, it should not be on the site.

These a few of the ways Bogart Construction Inc. is reducing waste and adding value to each and every project we do. As we progress on our LEAN Journey, we will develop more tools and eliminate more waste keeping us a leader in our field.