Philadelphia star chef Marc Vetri rolls out Terrain Cafe in Palo Alto’s Anthropologie

Philadelphia-based chef Marc Vetri made national headlines in 2015 for selling his Vetri family restaurant group to Urban Outfitters, will venture into the West Coast food scene for the first time with Terrain Cafe in Palo Alto. The cafe will open Friday in conjunction with an Anthropologie & Co. store in the Stanford Shopping Center.

Vetri’s Terrain Cafe, which will seat 40 outside and 70 inside, will be open for lunch and dinner. The daytime menu (click here to view) includes white wine-braised monkfish served with California artichokes, saffron potato puree and white wine for $28, and pan-seared California rockfish with watercress, clementines, marinated olives and chives for $26. Cacio e pepe, spaghetti with pecorino and cracked black pepper, will also be available to the lunch crowd for $22.

The dinner menu will have some of the lunch items like the cacio e pepe, as well as additions like a $32 New York strip steak with charred romanesco, salsa verde and shaved parmigiano.

Vetri admits partnering with a company like URBN (the parent company of Urban Outfitters and Anthropologie) is a unique situation, but in the growing relationship there are interesting business models and possibilities.

“It’s so hard to say definitively where all of this is going, but I can say it’s an exciting time for us,” he said. “We like the relationship between retail and the restaurant, where they shop, eat and shop some more. There’s just something unique about it.”

He said years ago as a small restaurateur, it would have been hard to move across the country to set up a business similar to what he had on the East Coast. Now that he has the ability to establish something in California, he said he plans to see it through and leave open the possibilities for future projects.

“In this, you’re always evolving,” he said. “If you stay the same, then you’re not going to have success.”

Terrain Cafe: 180 El Camino Real in Palo Alto. Open daily for lunch and dinner.