Since our inception in 1992, Bogart Construction has been building a reputation for uncompromising quality, on-time construction and honest, competitive pricing. With each new project, we build on that foundation.


The success of every project is dependent on the preconstruction phase. During the preconstruction phase, we look to identify possible issues before they arise by engaging our team early on in the process. Superintendents are tasked to identify RFIs before a project starts to mitigate any delays during the construction phase. When possible, we engage with the subcontractors in an onsite meeting in order to ensure everyone’s commitment and understanding of the scope of work. The better prepared we are at the beginning of a project, they smoother the project will run.

Owner Supplied Materials (OSM)

Owner supplied materials are critical to a project’s timely completion. Bogart Construction has developed a control process to help restore order to this sometimes frustrating and difficult task of getting the right OSM/ TSM to the site in a timely manner. Each construction jobsite management team has the tools to help control and track this process from procurement to delivery to final installation, ensuring a successful project. Bogart Construction can help you maximize your bottom line with our aggressive OSM management system..


There are two things that set us apart from other contractors – LEAN and Procore. Few thave revolutionized the construction industry as LEAN has and we hope to apply any LEAN tool we feel is a best fit for our clients and their projects.

In order to stay ahead of the curve, Bogart Construction, Inc. is dedicated to adopting the latest technology has to offer. For this we turn to Procore – the best in class Project Management and Field software. With this program, we can provide our clients with the most up to date information on critical tasks on their projects. It streamlines communication between owner, project managers, field staff and subcontractors, resulting in successful projects.

On Time Completion – Zero Punch Turn

Timely completions are critical to our client’s successes. The sooner the doors open, the sooner our clients can generate revenue. Our teams make it a priority that the spaces are ready to go, and that the operations team does not have to does not have to maneuver around the final construction tasks in order to prepare the store for grand opening. We are committed On Time Completion – Zero Punch Turn for all of our projects. Every team member knows this goal and it is such an acute component of our mission that our employees are incentivized to achieve this goal.